How to Get Proof of Onward Travel and Not Get Your Visa Denied

What Exactly Is The Proof Of Onward Travel? And why is it such a sore spot? It’s nothing personal really. Buying a one-way flight ticket can only happen in songs and movies. In real life, every country wants to make sure you are not an illegal immigrant or begpacker. Both these happen, and even though just having an onward ticket doesn’t guarantee the fact that you are not gonna do something like that, it’s their way of telling themselves: “sure thing.”
Airlines take the heat and often don’t let you board

In most cases, rather than taking the responsibility themselves, many countries pass the ball on the airlines. So, the airlines with which you are flying, could turn into the bad guy and not let you board the flight if you don’t meet the requirements. If you are in a pickle, and you have to fly, they could force you to buy a return ticket from them, which could end up making a very big hole in your pocket. The reason is, if the airline doesn’t enforce all this, and actually fly you without the onward ticket, and the immigration hawks pick your ass out, that particular airlines would be the one to fly you to your origin.

The rule sucks because if you are planning to just take buses overland, like I did in South America, you don’t need an onward flight ticket. The rule sucks if you really don’t know when you go back. It sucks when you are on a budget, and you have to buy the onward ticket just so you are allowed inside. What is the Way Around? If you are you a digital nomad or a long term traveler making a lot of visa runs, there is no way you could go on buying onward flight tickets even if they are refundable. So, I am gonna compile a list of short-cuts I and other long term travellers use, in that order. All these are easy and if I might add, perfectly legal.

As a precaution, I get proof of onward travel before travelling to any country. I would ask you to do the same.

1.Rent a Valid-till-you-fly flight on Even though the title might suggest it could be only for Schengen countries, you can actually rent any ticket for any part of the world through this. For 15$, you would receive your ticket in 24 hours. And, this ticket is authentic and, the airlines website would have a real reservation for you. I have personally used this website many times. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. 2. Rent a 24-72 Hour Valid Ticket from an Online Travel Agent Here is the thing. When you are traveling, you often haven’t planned every minute detail. You might not have 24 hours to wait for a flight ticket. In that case, here is a list of websites you can use to rent a ticket. You will receive an e-ticket in PDF format containing your name and PNR number and the flight details.

Onwardticketvisa ( ) : Fees- $9. Delivery time 5- 30 minutes. Ticket validity- 48 – 96 hours.

3.Book a Refundable Ticket on an Online Booking Website There are a number of booking platforms like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline that allow you to book a ticket and cancel it within 24 hours for a full refund. So, if you want to save this 10$, and opt to book a refundable ticket, you would have your onward ticket and you can cancel it once you make it to your destination. 4. Book a Flight Ticket on an Airline’s Website with a 24-hour Cancellation Window. Airlines of lots of countries give you a full refund if you cancel it within 24 hours. For example, as per the USDOT regulation every airlines that has a flight coming into or leaving from the USA, has to give the option of 24 hour cancellation. While the interpretation might vary a little airline to airline, the general rules are:

The flight originates in or is going to the US on any airline, not just US-based companies. The flight was booked directly with the airline, not on any third party agent. It was booked at least 7 days in advance. 5. Use Airlines Miles If you have piled up a lot of miles, you can use those miles to buy a refundable ticket and cancel it later. Most of the times, you would have the option to find something that’s refundable.

6. Buy a Cheap Throwaway Flight on a Budget Airlines This is a good option especially in Asia and Latin America. There are lots of budget airlines like EasyJet, AirAsia, Volaris where you can buy a flight ticket for as low as $50 from one major city in one country to a big city in another country.

Last words: Don’t get caught off guard! And dress well. The fact is if you are a backpacker or a digital nomad, there will be a day when you will be asked for this. Especially if you are in an airport, do yourself a favor and don’t dress like a bum/hippie with no money.

Trademark Registration for Stationery Products

Trademark Registration serves to preserve your business authenticity and goodwill around the world. With the trademark, one can make his or her company manageable to the target market. In this article, we will analyse about Trademark Class 19 and its process.
Before viewing the Trademark class 19 sections, you require to learn about Trademark and its importance.

Explain about Trademark
A trademark is a sort of intellectual property concerns of a recognizable sign, form, or character which selects products or services of any accessible source from those of others, although, with a different Trademark, buyers can certainly know your goods or services among multiple competitors’ products. Now, we know the Importance of Trademark Registration –

The Importance of Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration aides to play a luminous role in such situations and preserve brand owners against such trademark violation.

Trademark Registration is vital for many causes such as:–

• A different Brand logo is the most vital asset of any organisation. • The buyers can speedily know your product or services. • Preserve your brand logo against perversion or duplication by others.

Various types of Trademark that can be registered in India
There are particular types of the trademark which is registered in India. Some of them are-

A wordmark is built up of one or few words, or a mixture of words, e.g. QRS, XYZ or ABC Sales.

Logos can be consisting of a symbol or a shape covering a word, colours, e.g. Nissan’slogo.

You can appeal for adding a distinct colour on your trademark. For this, you must recognise the appropriate colour in the TM application.

A Mark creating 3 dimensional can protect with a 3D trade

Now, we will know about Trademark class 19.

Kepuasan Bermain Judi Togel Online

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Maka dengan cara online ini akan lebih mudah maupun tepat sehingga tidak akan mempersulit anda. Permainan togel ini pun telah ada sejak dahulu di indonesia dan bahkan hingga saat ini pun masih sering dimainkan baik itu secara live dengan bertemu bandar atau di tempat tertentu, dan juga banyak sekali yang sudah melakukannya dan bermain melalui online. Maka saat ini permainan Togle Online akan lebih terasa dengan mudah secara online agar berikan anda juga keuntungan yang sangat banyak. Anda pun bisa langsung memilih  Bandar Togel yang terpercaya yang sudah berlisensi sehingga anda bisa mendapatkan layanan yang sangat memuaskan di dalamnya dan takkan terkena ataupun terlibat penipuan apapun.

Sebuah permainan Togel Online ini memang tidaklah mudah maupun tidak sulit untuk anda mainkan. Sehingga anda bisa langsung memasang angka yang paling tepat maka anda hanya perlu memahami cara bermain, aturan main, dan juga segala istilah yang ada di dalam fitur perjudian yang akan anda hadapi nanti. Perlu anda tahu juga bahwa permainan togel ini adalah jenis permainan yang sangat berhubungan dengan nomor atau angka yang perlu ditentukan para pemain dengan pertimbangan khusus dan kemudian bisa dikirim kepada Agen Togel. Tentunya sangat berbeda judi togel yang anda lakukan secara online dan secara langsung. Bermain dengan layanan online tentu lebih unggul dan bisa memberikan banyak sekali keuntungan. Dan pilihlah Bandar Togel Online terpercaya dengan cara online maka anda bisa mainkan menggunakan gadget seperti smartphone dan lainnya dan bisa gunakan koneksi melalui internet sehingga anda tak perlu lagi mendatangi Agen Togel Online secara langsung tapi anda bisa bermain dimanapun anda mau karena anda akan selalu membawa handphone anda kemanapun. Dibandingkan judi togel secara langsung atau di dunia nyata maka kadang kala harus menitipkan pasangan nomor kepada teman anda.

Dalam permainan Togel bukan hanya ditentukan dari faktor keamanan serta kenyamanan anda saja akan tetapi dari sisi anda mendapatkan sebuah keuntungan dan juga kenikmatan dalam memenangkan hadiah yang sangatlah besar tersebut, yang sudah pasti akan selalu ditawarkan oleh setiap agen togel. Serta agar bisa mendapatkan sebuah nilai bertaruh yang sangat besar, anda juga harus memasangkan nominal yang juga jumlahnya besar. Dan juga kategori permainan yang anda mainkan merupakan penentu dalam mendapatkan hadiah yang anda dapatkan serta menjadi suatu kemudahan dalam kemenangan yang anda raih nantinya. Karena memang permainan Togel ini sudah ada tingkatan permainannya masing-masing yang mulai dari paling mudah sampai yang memang benar-benar sulit. Dengan pilihan kategori permainan togel online sangat membantu dalam meraih sebuah keuntungan besar yang akan didapatkan oleh para bettor khususnya untuk anda yang masih pemula.


How to Avoid the Dark Side of Email Marketing

What is the dark side of email marketing?

Blacklisted…in other words…blackballed…by ISP’s (Internet Service Providers). Poor ratings from customers and email recipients. Poor choices on subject lines. Poor choices in graphics, images and content. Not considered a trustworthy marketer. No permission-based marketing plan. No protection…or poor protection…on your purchase page.

That’s ‘the dark side’.

So let’s talk abut what it takes to keep you away from the dark side.

You must create trust. You can’t just say you’re trustworthy. In today’s consumer-empowered world, you have to live it and prove it. You have to establish that you’re trustworthy, and you have to follow through on every promise made. You can create a sense of trustworthiness in email marketing through consistent appearance, and consistent action in your emails:

Always use a permission-based opt-in/opt-out process. Identify who the sender of any emails from you or your organization will be. State clearly the respect their email address will be given, (never shared without permission) and then honor that commitment to their privacy. Identify exactly what information will be sent, and when.
Use a ‘branded’ sender so your identity is clearly visible in every email sent. This will tell the recipient the email is coming from someone they have chosen to trust…at least enough to give you permission to send an email.
Carry the brand into the preview pane when the email is first opened. Having a logo, graphic or image that supports recognition is a trust-builder.
Ensure all contact details are listed at the bottom of the email. Include the physical address of your business, telephone number, and email. If you include the specific name of a contact person, this can enhance your “trustworthiness” rating.
Follow up and follow through. When you receive feedback or a request for action, ensure there is appropriate and immediate response. An individualized response, up to and including a phone call, rather than a “canned” or “prebuilt” impersonal response, will also go a long way to enhance your rating.
Design and test. Every email should be passed through as many spam filters in as many environments as possible. Keep your emails from disappearing into the black hole because there was something in your content or design that caused it to be labeled as spam. “Suspect” words, file too large, graphics and images without content…all design flaws that can get caught and blocked in spam filters. Not getting the emails promised creates distrust by your recipient who is expecting it.
Overdeliver on value. Something that can build trust perhaps more quickly than anything else, is to give more than expected. Remember, the recipient is giving you something of great value in today’s world…their time. Give them more value than they expect in return, and you dramatically increase their trust in you.
Promote your product or service effectiveness with testimony by others. “Don’t take my word for it. Here are some kind words from others who have trusted me to get them exactly the experience they desired…”
Ask your subscribers to network with their friends. Not only is word-of-mouth the most effective advertising, it also builds trust. We trust our friends to recommend only trustworthy sources.
I know you will think of even more ways to build trust with your prospects and customers. In email marketing, you are planting the seeds of trust. Allow them to grow, blossom, and spread throughout your niche.

Oh, just a little tidbit here…on a need to know basis…for those who need to know this bit of trivia…the term “blackballed” is thought to have originated in ancient Greece. Voting for membership into their various organizations was done by dropping a bean…either white or black…into a jar…to signify whether the person would be admitted…or not. A person who got more black beans than white was rejected…or blackballed.

There you have it. If you’re on the dark side of email marketing, there are too many black beans in your jar. Use these ‘Build Trust’ tools so those who are voting on your membership will fill your jar with white beans.